First blog post

This is the post excerpt.

If you…. love art, especially sculpture, dogs, Jeeps, blondes that love blonde jokes, Sagittarius girls, travel, discussions about anything and everything…..

If you…. have abandonment issues, have had or have an eating disorder, have been victim of being hacked to the point of losing your online business, have been or are homeless living in your car, have or have had drug problems, have unknowingly been victim of a sociopath….

Then I’m here for ya, I am very social and open about my life. I believe in the truth even though I find most people would rather not hear the truth. I need the truth. 🙂.


Introducing Christine

So, here I am, my first post. 😳 . Why am I suddenly “blogging”??? First off, because I feel like it. Ok, and my Facebook continuously gets hacked. Yeh, my ex just cannot stop thinking of me. I don’t blame him. I can’t stop thinking of me. Ha. I love to make everything a joke. Cuz life and surviving is serious enough as it is! I know, I live in my Jeep. If you live in Northern Ca you will totally understand. I think milk is 9 bucks a gallon. I don’t smoke… cigarettes, never have, but everyone else does and they complain that they are 10$ a pack!!! Damn, that must be a hell of an addiction. Not that I would know but I’m pretty sure street drugs are cheaper. Whatever the case… bad expensive habits. Just like D.A.R.E says “Drugs Are Really Expensive.” I find that every day awesome things give me a high. I like to look at things like I’ve never seen them before. It makes life amazing.

I never run out of interesting things to talk about. Im a Sagittarius and damn proud of it. 😀. I’ve kinda lost direction in life but who’s to say that is a bad thing? Like Sheryl Crow once sang… If it Makes you happy, it can’t be that bad”. And I’m happy. No one can ruin my shine:) That’s for me to ruin. And I won’t. Stay tuned.

Forever thinking,